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Pap Smear & IVA

For Cervical Cancer Early Detection

Many women suffering from cancer servik.Cervical cancer is greatly feared because it often causes death. Cervical cancer can be overcome origin known early.One was by method of Pap smear and Iva. Cervical cancer  is a cancer that befall most women in developing countries, followed later breast cancer.
cervical cancer, caused by a viral infection called human papilloma virus [HPV].But HPV consists of a lot of many, there are two types namely types 16 and 18, which when entered into the cervix and attached to the core chromosome structure cervical cells, cause the cells become malignant its potential change in character. however, to arrive at the occurrence of cervical cancer, the virus can not work alone, there should be supporting factor.Factors are the presence of infectious bacteria or other germs in the cervix, such as the whitish.So, not immediately after conceding the cervix HPV virus directly so cancer. Although there are factors that support it.Without a supporting factor, although it conceded cervical HPV virus, a person will not suffer the cervix.

   There are several conditions that cause women at high risk for cervical cancer, among others, have many children [multiparous]. Keep in mind, every process of pregnancy, childbirth, and childbirth, is a process that causes the changes in a woman's body, such as hormonal changes, changes cervical cells, damage to the cervik.Change so this if often the case easier for the cells of the cervix that HPV virus possessed a high malignant.High risk was also owned by women who have husbands like 'snack'. Husbands Such risk of carrying the virus and will infect his wife. Women who often have multiple sexual partners are also infected with the virus so that the higher the risk of cervical cancer.
Cervical cancer is divided into several stages, namely pre-cancerous, stage 1, stage 11, stage 111, and stage 1V.On the pre-cancer stage, there were no symptoms. At this stage, although the patient had brought the seeds of cancer and a few more years will turn into cancer, but the patient felt fine, no complaints.Only in stage 1-1V, cervical cancer is characterized by the presence of bleeding after intercourse, bleeding outside the time menstruation, the vaginal discharge out of the ordinary. However, it does not mean every woman who experienced bleeding after intercourse or a vaginal discharge that is not as usual, as patients with cervical cancer. It's just that cervical cancer is usually characterized such circumstances. While characterized by the presence of whiteness means that the cancer had advanced stage.
Seeing so the danger of this disease, it would be nice every woman early detection.If detection of early disease is known is expected to be addressed thoroughly.Early detection can be done with a pap smear, the examination by taking a sample of cells in the uterus, and then analyzed to assess any changes to these cells .If on this examination found cancer or precancerous cells, it can be done early treatment to avoid developing further.To perform pap smears, the first doctor opened vagina using a speculum. When the vagina has been opened, such a tool cotton bud is inserted into the vagina to take a sample of cells in the cervik.Then the cell samples included in the solution and then analyzed in the laboratory. If the result is positive, followed by a biopsy examination [the removal of tissue]. Pap smear has been able to find cervical cancer is still in the level of pre-cancerous.
This examination is very accurate. In developed countries that have been running the screening program in this manner, the rate of cervical cancer deaths dropped dramatically to 50-60%. Women who had experienced sexual intercourse should have a pap smear at least once in their lifetime. Ideally, the examination was done every year for young women, under 40 tahun.kemudian 0.2 to 3 years at 40 to 70 years. Pap smears can be performed in government hospitals and private.

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